Firewall: Instalación musical experimental interactiva

Aaron Sherwood y Mike Allison plantean Firewall, una instalación basada en una lámina de spandex retroproyectada y software que en combinación actúan como interfaz con sensibilidad a la profundidad. El visitante puede tocar la tela creando imágenes de fuego y componer música experimental basada en la interacción.




Firewall is a prototype developed for an upcoming Purring Tiger performance at the Tribeca Performing arts center entitled «Mizalu» set to premier in June 2013. The project was conceived through conversations between Mike and Aaron about the thematic content of Mizalu, the realities of life and death and the struggle to understand their meaning. Firewall is a representation of the limits to knowing death while you are alive. As you press deeper to understand, you are faced with the reality that you will never truly grasp what resides on the other side. The performance will include several larger scale versions of this project to be used by dancers.