[KICKSTARTER VIDEO] Robobo. The next generation of educational robots

Robobo es la siguiente generación de robot educativo. Desde el estudio stgo, hemos realizado el vídeo promocional del proyecto para su difusión en la principal plataforma de crowfounding kickstarter.

Hemos desarrollado una base móvil a la que se acopla un smartphone, lo que permite utilizar tecnología de última generación para realizar proyectos de robótica autónoma en el aula o a nivel particular. Hemos desarrollado también una serie de aplicaciones que permiten programar a Robobo fácilmente desde cualquier ordenador, y utilizar así toda esta tecnología. Sigue leyendo para conocer más detalles sobre el proyecto Robobo.


In the near future, robots will be autonomous, that is, they will be able to carry out different tasks in our society without continuous supervision. As a consequence, some types of jobs will disappear and new ones will arise. What is clear, is that today children, and everyone who aims to be prepared for this new market, must understand how this new type of robotics work. That is, the future of robotics is in education.

The first step towards learning autonomous robotics is having tools that can be used in our homes, schools and labs. Affordable tools with the same technology used in future robots. Is that possible? Well, here is where Robobo comes in!!


Our educational robot combines a simple mobile base with your smartphone to create the next generation of educational robots, where anyone interested in learning how to program an autonomous robot can do it. The Robobo base is the body while your smartphone is the brain.

Current smartphones contain the latest technology in terms of sensors, processor and communication capabilities, and together with the mobility, low level sensing and gestural capabilities provided by the base, Robobo becomes the optimal tool to start in this new robotics field.

With the gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer of your smartphone, you will be able to program Robobo to do simple things that are quite hard to achieve on other platforms, such as, for example, moving to the south!!